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Some answers about HUBStands and other related stuff...If you have any questions at all about suspension set ups or HUBStands, contact us at info@bbxracing.com or call us toll free at (888) 208 8570

What makes HUBStands different? ..... Both ProHUBStands and standard HUBStands eliminate the wheels and tires from your entire set up and alignment process. Tires add variance to your measurements and hours to your project, HUBStands minimize time and eliminate tire variables; making it all easier, way faster and far more precise. With engineering help from the University of Buffalo, HUBStands were designed to be strong, stable, adjustable, precise platforms to make measureing and adjusting your set up easier, faster and more repeatably accurate. They are machined from solid 6061 T6 aluminum, made in the USA and fit multiple cars with a single set of either standard or ProHUBStands.

How much time will HUBStands save me? ..... On Pro or Standard HUBStands, it can take as little as 15 minutes to completely corner balance a car. Our customers tell us that when they do everything at once, i.e height, balance, caster, camber and toe, it typically can all be measured and set in around an hour or so. On some cars it takes even less time.

What is the sequence of steps to set up a car? .... First, keep in mind that every change in one setting can affect the other settings. Typically the sequence is to set the Ride Height and the Corner  Balance first. Then set the Thrust, Caster and re-measure the balance. Finally set the Camber followed by the Toe then go back and check the Camber and the balance..It's a lot of steps to get it all, but it's a whole lot easier on HUBStands when you don't have to keep jacking the car and putting the wheels on and off, over and over, again and again.. 

How do I measure Toe with HUBStands? ......................HUBStands come with stainless steel Toe Sticks that pin fit into holes on the face of the HUBStand, keeping them precisely parallel to the face of the hub. The Toe Sticks can be placed up on the HUBStands in line with the hub center when measuring with strings or they can be placed at the bottom of the HUBStands, still exactly parallel with the hub face and used as a reference to measure across the car for total toe. The steel Toe Sticks eliminate the margin of error inherent in tires.

What is the difference between Toe measured in "inches" vs. measured in "minutes"? "Minutes" are a measure of angle. 1 minute is 1/60 of a degree. Toe measured in minutes indicates the exact angle the hub is pointed relative to straight. Toe measured in inches, or millimeters, indicates how far the front or rear of the tire is away from straight but is specific to a tire's diameter. 1/8 inch of front toe on a 26" diameter tire is 16 minutes of actual Toe. 1/8" measured on a set of typical Toe Plates (23") is really 19 minutes of Toe. Do not use someone else's toe measurements unless they have the exact same diameter tire as you. Manufacturers and race teams use "minutes" because they are not tire size, shape or condition dependant.

Will HUBStands fit my car? ...........................Yes. We have available fits for most car makes and  most 4, 5 and 6 bolt hub patterns, including center nut hubs. All of the Hub Plates have mutiple bolt patterns on them so one set of HUBStands can be used on more than one make car. Check with us to see what patterns combinations are available.

Will HUBStands fit on my scales? ................Standard HUBStands have a 14"x8" fixed base and will easily fit on typical 15"x15" sale pads. The fixed base does not move on top of the pad. They can be used on the smaller 12"x12" scal pads if they are centered on the pad. ProLine HUBStands also fit any typical scale plate. With their roller bearing base, they move laterally on top of scales and should be used with the ProLine Safety fence to limit their movement.

Do I need turn plates? ...................................No. Standard HUBStands have built in, proprietary turn and slip systems so they can be pivoted through a 30 degree arc, lean through over 6 degrees of camber and side slip or scrub laterally just over 2" without moving on top of the scale pads. ProLine HUBStands roll on the scale pads and can side slip even more, leaning through more than 6 degrees of camber and pivoting over 30 degrees.

How tall are HUBStands? ................................Both Pro and Standard HUBStands are individually height adjustable and are designed to give you additional working space ubder the car while keeping the car's chassis in its correct angle of attack. With HUBStands at their lowest setting, the hub centerline is 13.5" (343mm) off the ground and at their highest, the hub centerline is 16.2" (411.4mm) off the ground.

What is the white plastic in some of the HUBStands pictures? .............It is a medium density, low friction polypropylene material commonly used by some pro race teams to allow additional slip under their HUBStands. It is also known as Tall Kitchen Garbage Bag (white) and used for trash.

If you have any questions about suspension set ups or HUBStands, contact us at info@bbxracing,com or call us Toll Free at (888) 208 8570 

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