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HUBStands Mazda MX-PRO roller ball set up stands
Developed with Long Road Racing for the 2016 Mazda Global MX-5 Cup cars, MX-PRO HUBStands are designed to get the most precise, accurate and repeatable set ups possible on MX-5 cars. These are what Long Road Racing uses to prep every new Mazda Global MX-5 Cup car built.
MX-PRO HUBStands have a proprietary high impact resistant steel roller ball base. They are uniquely adjustable for wheel set back, scrub radius and height for total suspension compliance at the exact contact patch. 
On MX-PRO HUBStands you will maintain repeatable measurement tolerances for camber to within 0.01 degrees, Toe within 0.01 degrees and height to within 0.01mm.
On a set of MX-ProHUBStands, everything on the MX-5 series cars can be set directly at each hub. The wheels and tires are out of the way and completely out of the set up process. Ride Height, Corner Balance, Caster, Camber and Toe are all set far easier, way faster and to the most precise, repeatable tolerances possible.
With MX-PRO HUBStands, you take the wheels off once and eliminate all of the inherent tire variances and all of the pushing, rolling and wheel wrestling.
The MX-ProHUBStands come complete as a set of 4; with special height and scrub adjustable bases, (4) MX-Pro Hub Plates (4x 100mm pcd), 4 Toe Sticks and 4 Pro Anti-Rolloff Safety Plates.
They can also be ordered to fit the 5 bolt (5x 114.3mm pcd) MX-5 hubs.
For additional information contact us at 888 208 8570 or at brion@bbxracing.com 

  Set of 4, complete as shown

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