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Aerodynamic Testing

Wind Tunnel Testing,  Affordable High Speed Aero Science.


Measure Real Aero Loads. Get better, balanced downforce; more Lateral G's and More Corner Speed.... Invest A Few Hours and Find A Few Seconds.
In just a couple of hours in the UOIT/ACE 150mph+ wind tunnel, you can measure and improve your car's actual Aerodynamic Balance and Performance.  We will help you increase and balance the actual front and rear downforce, while minimizing drag and net horsepower loss. It's real testing that will net more lateral G's and more corner speed.
Unlike any other tunnel, we measure all the Aero Loads through the suspension directly at the tire contact patches. It's like high speed, dynamic corner balancing. Everything is measured at speed through the loaded suspension and tires so it accurately measures what you will see at the track at real race speeds. All of the time typically needed in other tunnels to attach the measuring and sensing equipment to the chassis before and after every run is eliminated in the UOIT/ACE tunnel. You get far more high speed runs per hour at the UOIT/ACE tunnel. For essentially the cost of a set or two of slicks, you measure the actual aero forces and determine the best, most efficient, balanced aero configurations and adjustments for your car at speed ranges up to 160+mph.
Starting at your current baseline set up, we will quickly and efficiently help you find the best Net Aero configuration for everything including ride height, chassis rake, wing angle changes, wicker heights, splitter depths, canards, dive planes, duct tape and any other aero component, adjustment or effects.There is no more intuitive guesswork on what does what to your car.
Better, More Balanced Downforce = More Lateral G's = More Corner Speed = Better Lap Times... 
...Invest A Few Hours and Find a Few Seconds.
The ACE high speed climactic wind tunnel at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology is the largest in North America and has been configured with proprietary systems to provide accessible, cost efficent, Net Relative Aerodynamic testing of race cars. Secure facilities and confidential results for individual or group testing. Available in affordable 2 hour blocks.
What's a second or two a lap worth?  Pro Race Science, Club Race Affordable.

For details and availibility call us at: 888 208 8570 or email us at info@bbxracing.com


High Speed Wind Tunnel Aero Test:

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